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Giant Cup Mushrooms

Mushroom giant cup rhodactis sp. fob-4 next day shipping

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When they say Giant they mean Giant! featured

Comments I bought one of these several yrs back for a 65 gallon reef tank I had. When I saw it in the store it really didn't do much for me as far as color goes. It was the typical tan mushroom but at the time I was just trying to fill my tank. It was really easy to care for the color did brighten up a bit once it was in the tank for awhile. I placed it lower in the tank with low to med flow and really didn't pay much attention to it at that point. When I bought it I would say it was prob only about 3 inches across. After about a yr I took some pix of my tank to compare to when I first added things to the tank. This thing had tripled in size! I hadnt realized how much it had grown over the past year. I also noticed that some of the corals around it had white edges so obviously it had zapped them.

Liked about it If you want to fill an empty space this is the coral for you. Doesn't need much care at all just the correct placement.

Didn't like If your limited on space or want to add corals close to it this may not be the coral for you.

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By partobe
Aug 21, 2009
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