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Elephant's Ear Mushrooms

Brings the exotic beauty of the world?s coral reefs to vibrant life in your aquarium. Each anemone is attached to a weighted resin-rock base...

Price: $30 to $30 at 1 stores
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Pretty aggressive and needs good lighting. featured

Comments I saw these things in the LFS and I decided to pick them up. Mine where a whitish color and they had a few white spots among them. They did not do to well in my tank. I don't think my lighting was up to par for these guys. The absolutely hate high flow areas and were pretty aggressive towards other corals. Everything around them started to shrink and some of my mushrooms began to die. In the chemical warfare department they are a force and don't take much from its surrounding neighbors. Did not grow very fast but I think that was due to my lighting. I would recommend a larger tank where they can have an area to themselves in the bottom of the tank. I have seen many varieties since then and they are stunning but in all honesty I would refrain from these guys unless you have a large tank with some above average lighting. mine eventually went back to the LFS.

Liked about it They are beautiful and not to hard to care for. Great addition to the lower to mid section of the tank or really anywhere the current is not too strong.

Didn't like Very aggressive. Did I mention they were aggressive? The lighting requirements are not too bad but I would recommend a good light source and a larger tank where the mushroom could have a pretty large area around it reserved for it.

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By bb0029
Mar 08, 2010
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Price: $30 to $30
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