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Yellow finger leather coral

the common yellow finger leather 'soft' coral

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yellow finger leather- a great hardy first coral

Comments the yellow finger leather cost me 25 UK pounds-about 39 dollars and what a bargain! it was my second coral and have had it now for quite a while. Its so hardy, never'sulks' only when lifted or moved does it shrivel but within a couple of hours- back to its beautiful color and shape. It adapts well to changes in water chemistry, flow and different lighting conditions- i recently upgraded my lighting fixture from 4x T8S to 4x aquaray LED strips and they match halides so i was a little worried about the corals adapting. Within a couple of days the colors in the finger leather were brighter than before, what a transformation! i would highly recommend it as a first coral, or a beautiful addition to any reef. 10/10

Liked about it very hardy, beautiful colors, easy to frag

Didn't like when not positioned correctly the fingers can 'flop' and sort of clump together, but that isnt the corals fault.

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By jalexuk
Jan 26, 2011
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