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JBJ Arctica 1/3 HP Chiller

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Expensive, but a good chiller featured

Installation and Operation I use the 1/4hp arctica unit, and it has worked well for me. It's easy to install and operate, simply attach hoses to the inlet and outlet and plug it into the wall. It has worked well for me for the last 4 years, and I have no reason to think it will stop anytime soon. It looks practically brand new, and I'd recommend it if you're in need of a chiller.

Performance vs. Expectations This has performed really well in the time that I've had it. This unit in particular may be a bit loud if you're using it in a living space, but compared to similarly sized chillers it's actually pretty quiet. It cools well and is very easy to operate, so I consider it a very nice product and has met all my expectations.

Value for money In terms of value, that's kind of hard to quantify. If you're using it because you've exhausted all other options, then it's probably a good investment. If you havent yet tried fans or other means of keeping your tank cool, however, you may be spending a lot of money on a product that you don't really need. So do some research and try other things before you resort to a chiller.

Liked about it There are some big pluses with this unit, particularly the noise (which is relatively low) and the cooling capability. I've not had any trouble keeping my 120 gallon tank cool, it will drop about 3 degrees in as little as 45 minutes when I have overly warm room temperatures and the lights on. It is also very easy to use, the display is clear and the controls are rather straight forward.

Didn't like The one complaint I have for the arctica chillers is the design that recommends keeping the exhaust fans away from the wall, but then they stuck the controls opposite the exhaust fans. As a result, in most cases you'll either need to ignore the exhaust fan recommendation or stick it such that you may not be able to easily see the display and controls. Otherwise, it's a great chiller.

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By crvz
May 28, 2010
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