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JBJ 1/4 HP Arctica Aquarium Chiller

JBJ 1/4HP Arctica Aquarium Chiller

Price: $739 to $739 at 1 stores
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works well, a bit loud and really power hungry featured

Installation and Operation Measured 600+ watts on start up, and noticeably audible if you use it in living quarters. It is one of the quieter units on the market, but if you're looking for silence you're better searching for a good set of fans. Works well for what it is, though, and if I was looking for a chiller I'd consider the brand once again.

Performance vs. Expectations The only complaint I have is the sounds. It works well, and while it draws a lot of power, I've had it for over 4 years now and it still performs as it did on day one. I use it sometimes on my 120ish gallon system and it takes about 2 hours to drop 2 degrees. But it only comes on during the photoperiod, and at most once a day, and even then only on warm days, so that's alright.

Value for money Chillers are expensive, and there are other alternatives to buying this. Using fans, running the home HVAC at a cooler temp, or even reducing heating elements in the tank (pumps, lights) could easily prove out to be more cost effective. That said, if this is your only option, this is a quality chiller.

Liked about it Good cooling performance, it's worked for many years without service (though biannual maintenance is performed), and very simple to operate. I've been pleased with this unit.

Didn't like Sound (if in a living space) may be noticeable, and power draw is rather high at over 6 amps.

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By crvz
Apr 25, 2009
Last updated: May 17, 2010
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Price: $739 to $739
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