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AquaEuroUSA 1/2 HP Chiller Featured

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Great chiller featured

Installation and Operation This product comes with 1" in/out (lets) and includes quick install fittings. It also has a heater port and which is controlled by the LED temperature control on the front. It is quite heavy as expected. When the unit was first unpacked, I was a little put-off by the chrome outer shell which looked a little cheap and in places, did not fit the housing perfectly. After a year of use, I am happy to report that I have had no problems and the chiller has performed exactly as expected. Even the chrome housing which I was sure would rust--has not! Make sure the unit is in a well ventilated space however as it *will* give a lot of heat off in exhaust. I simply made a box and ported the exhaust into my bathroom vent and out of the house with a bathroom exhaust fan. It was a quick, cheap $30 fix and keeps the exhaust from the chiller adding heat back to the water column. The air intake in the front and outlet in the back are easily accessed and the filter is easily cleaned within a minute.

Performance vs. Expectations This unit is not silent however, for a 1/2 HP chiller, you will not find one that is. It does it's job and efficiently. It has little difficulty keeping the water column at 77 degrees (on my old system with 3 250W MH and ~350g of water) even when the ambient heat in the house is 84-85 degrees in the spring when we don't run the AC.

Value for money 8/10. Not the least or most expensive unit available.

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Liked about it Performs as expected. Easily implemented in the system. Well built besides the chrome-like outer shell.

Didn't like Chrome outer shell.

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By superwizbang
Aug 04, 2009
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