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AquaEuroUSA 1/13 HP Chiller Featured

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Installation and Operation This chiller was very easy to install. Put pump in the sump, plumbed the hoses from pump to chiller, then back to sump. Let chiller sit for a little while like the directions said after it being moved around due to shipping and such. Turned it on. Instructions were very helpful, follow them and the advice. Very easy to operate. Can also adjust the error in accordance with your thermometer in tank.

Performance vs. Expectations This chiller has worked wonders for my reef tank. I am able to keep my temps in the 76-77F range even in the warmest months of summer. The ambient temperature of the room its in is around 77F so to be able to keep the tank at below that is great. I am currently using this on my 45 gallon. It is suprisingly quiet as well. Only complaints are that the rubber feet it has are not good with carpet, actually had to set it on a piece of plywood to keep it from rattling. I believe this chiller could work on a tank up 75 gallons in my opinion depending on your lighting. The specs in the manual say it can bring a 68 gallons down from 82F to 70F! and a 34 gallon from 82F to 57F.

Value for money This chiller was very reasonably priced for how well it works. Would definatly purchase this brand in the future if I get a larger tank. Havent had experience with other brands though.

Customer Support Have had no problems to need to contact them.

Liked about it 1. Cooling ability.
2. Low noise.
3. Controls.
4. Ease of installation

Didn't like The vibration from the unit on my carpet was my only complaint, but with a piece of plywood under the feet this problem was resolved.

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By egator89
Nov 23, 2010
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