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MRC CR-1 Single Calcium Reactor


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a great reactor for tanks under about 250 gallons featured

Installation and Operation MyReefCreations has been around for a while, and these calcium reactors are very well thought out and made. They are easy to install, though not without a little consideration. You have to supply tank water (via some pump that's not included with this unit) as well as carbon dioxide (also not included). Once configured, though, it's pretty much maintenance free.

Performance vs. Expectations I've been pretty impressed with the performance of this reactor. It's recommended for about a 300 gallon system, but that may be a bit overstating it. I would be happy with this on a packed 200 gallon tank, though. Generally speaking, it's well constructed and offers good options for media access and manipulation, so you should be rather pleased with the product.

Value for money Any calcium reactor is an investment, and this unit is not without significant cost. Even so, though, I think it's a pretty good value. I've seen similarly sized reactors for 30-40% more than this unit, and so even though it doesn't come with a circulation pump I still think it's a good value.

Liked about it I like that it gives the buyer an option on circulation pump. I have the unit with a mag2 pump, and while mine works fine, they are prone to leaking when used in external applications. If you don't want that risk, the panworld pump is a great option. Also, this unit has a great capability, covering tanks up to 200 gallons or more. It's easy to use once installed and dialed in, as the built in valves make regulating flow a snap.

Didn't like I really don't have any specific complaints about this unit. It is certainly a large investment if you don't have a strong need for supplementation, so if you can handle simple chemical dosing you may find this unit unnecessary. But, it's a quality product that I've been rather satisfied with.

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By crvz
May 31, 2010
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