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The Reef Aquarium vol3 - Sprung, Julian

The long-awaited next book in this popular series. This book discusses the science, art and technology of building reef aquariums. Covers new ideas in filtration, lighting, and system design, plumbing, pumping, and electrical design, foods and feeding. 680 pages, harcover.

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Comments This book is just what i was waiting for. I own all three volumes in the series and this is definitely the best. It talks about all the most current information, and fills in all the holes left by the first two. Of particular interest to me was the section on plumbing and the use of spa flex. I have not seen this in any other fish publication and i am a huge fan of the product. As expected the book was well bound and well written as i have the utmost respect for both Julian and Charles. I did and would again spend the 80 dollars for this one book.

Liked about it Information in this hobby seems to be out of date fast, especially in regard to techniques or equipment. This book is current and has some of the latest techniques available for coral care and husbandry techniques.

Didn't like My only complaint about this book is the depth to which some topics are covered but when trying to cover the entire hobby its almost impossible to do. I personally bought Daniel Knops clams book to fill the gap on clam information but there was enough basic information for successful care. Not everyone is a clam fanatic like me.

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Feb 26, 2010
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