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Marine Chemistry by C.R. Brightwell

The single most important contributor to success with a marine aquarium is maintaining appropriate water chemistry parameters. However, many hobbyists find the concept of water chemistry to be very daunting. This book starts by addressing basic topics like the definition of "good" water quality and why water quality is so important. It then moves on to more complex...

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A MUST have book for the serious reefer featured

Comments This book is amazing. It completely opened my eyes to maintaining the proper water chemistry in our reef aquariums. It details every major, minor, and trace elements that are dissolved in NSW and discusses thier optimal values, effects of overdosing and underdosing, how they affect other dissolved elements, and how to control and test. My favorite part of the book is the chapters on the nitrogen and phosphate cycles. A lot of peole think that the nitrogen cycle is the one to be worried about. but the truth is that once the bacterial colonies grow in your tank, the nitrogen cycle rarely comes into play once the tank is established. Its the phosphate cycle. The bottom line is READ THIS BOOK.

Also this book was written by C.R. Brightwell. CEO of brightwell aquatics. He knows his stuff. However he doesn't not plug any of his products in his book, which I like.

Liked about it Covers every major, minor, and trace element dissolved in NSW.
Very scientific, has lots of chemistry equasions.
Covers other stuff like dissolved organic molecules as well.
Has a few chapters on water purification.
Published in 2007 so information is fairly current.

Didn't like Not something a true beginner or someone who doesnt understand chemistry very well. I suggest a more casual book for those reefers.

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By Rustl3r
Mar 08, 2011
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