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A Pratical Guide to Corals for the Reef Aquarium

A Photo Intense soft cover book with a brief simple description of some of the common aquarium corals kept today.

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Corals, the Reef keepers guide to the Corals they want.

Comments When I bought this book I had never kept a coral in my tank before because I had no Idea what the requirements were for each type of coral. Upon opening the book was very photo intense and provided a brief description of the coral pictured in both the common name(s) and the scientific name and a simple to understand chart of requirements such as water flow or current, Lighting needs, Aggressiveness, and difficulty of care. the book also breaks down the coral types into large polyp, small polyp, brain, soft, pulsing, mushrooms and more.

Liked about it Pictures, pictures and more pictures. the book is not big but has great photos and for the beginner, they can get a look at some healthy corals and get an idea of what they might like to try and keep in their tanks. I also liked the use of common and scientific name so one can do additional research and use the books where the author only uses the scientific names.

Didn't like It's to short.

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By fchidsey
May 12, 2010
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