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JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube HQI Aquarium

JBJ 28 Gallon Nano-Cube Aquarium with 150 Watt HQI Metal Halide Lighting

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Great All in One featured

Installation and Operation The Nano Cube basically comes ready to use. Its a breeze to setup just fill with water and plug everything in really. The stand was the most difficult thing. Instructions are great easy to read and understand. The JBJ doesn't require any more maintenance than any other aquarium.

Performance vs. Expectations I think this is the best all in one aquarium. Its a little tank that has a big tank feel. The 150w MH do more than their fare share of work it is like a suntanning booth for the fish.

Value for money Out of the choice of All-In-Ones from Biocube RedSea and JBJ after extensive research i decided to get the 28 HQI its not overpriced at all. And its has the best lighting out of the competitors

Customer Support JBJ has great customer support It is an American Product that they Stand behind 100% (I have never had to use Customer Support though)

Liked about it 150w MH. You can keep basically any Hard or Soft coral of your desire because the intense lighting. I like how the Overflow/sump is setup up as you can use the wave maker that came with it to alternate the return pumps from anywhere of 10seconds - 5 mins. Curved Glass no seams do disrupt viewing. There are upgrades you can purchase from nanotuners to add additional Power Compact lighting for dusk/dawn lighting periods. That install very professionally under the canopy

Didn't like The Temperature with that 150w MH on 28 gallons is constantly above 80+ degrees. When i was cycling my tank i had Temp spikes up to 85-87 degrees so your going to need a chiller with this aquarium or a open top with fans for evaporating cooling period. I had swings of 76 at night time to 84 daytime Way to much to keep things happy. My Nano didnt come with a protien skimmer I gave it a 4 on both because of the NEED of a chiller

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By InvisibleEmpire
Aug 16, 2010
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