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Rena Aqualife 100 cube aquarium

25 gallon cube aquarium by rena with built in 3 part filtration/ lights

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rena aqualife 100- great aquarium for tropical or marine featured

Installation and Operation installation was very easy as the aquarium itself was assembled from my LFS but if bought packaged you would probably have to place the lighting fixture in and attach the pipes for the filter.Now as im experienced with this aquarium, i would imagine the job of connecting it up from packaged should only take about 5 minutes. A matter of plug and play as for as the operation goes!

Performance vs. Expectations The aquarium comes with 2x built in T8 lighting which isnt bad for general fish keeping but if you were to move to marine and keep corals like i now do you would have to upgrade the lighting to either halide or LED. The built in filtration is excellent, never had a problem with it- always pumping the water at a constant rate 24/7. It has 3 compartments- sponge, carbon (plus 2 pop out compartments for rena's 'no algae' and 'crystal clear' cartridges). Also a third compartment under the water outlet where more media can be placed, my aquarium came with some media stars. The water in my tank is always crystal clear- faultless!

Value for money i paid around the 300 pound mark for the aquarium and stand, i thought an absolute bargain as ive seen it online for 600! Its 25 gallons so a great tank if youve got limited space like me. Some would say a great starter tank for marine.

Customer Support havent had to deal with rena

Liked about it easy to maintain, filtration is excellent, plug and play operation

Didn't like the lighting isnt powerful enough for light demanding corals so if you are thinking of going into marine bear this in mind-only hardy soft corals could be kept with this fixture so i upgraded to LED.

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By jalexuk
Jan 26, 2011
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