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Ecoxotic 25 gal. Aqurium

25 Gal. with built in overflow and sump.

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Ecoxotic 25 Gal. Aquarium featured

Installation and Operation This is a quaint little aquarium! It was very easy to get going. The instructions are adequate. It comes complete with a skimmer that after the break in period is performing nicely. Over the return pump chamber is a plate that 2 bottles filled with fresh water go in upside down and as evaporation occurs they act as an auto top off. Great little feature! The middle is a media chamber that I have the 2 pouches of their small Bio Balls, a Purigen Pouch and a pouch of Azoo Quartz Balls from the old Bio Cube. Doesn't seem to require a lot of maintenance. I am not using the LED fixture pitured in their ad. I have a Marineland Reef Capable over it along with one Ecoxotic Module and a Stunner strip for dusk/dawn effect.

Performance vs. Expectations I have to say yes here.

Value for money I didn't use their stand, I had my own. At $250.00 I think it is a good value.

Customer Support I have dealt with them. I thought the Module I was using was faulty due to it over heating. I Emailed them and with no qualms they said they would sent out a new ballast/transformer. I later discovered I had the stunner ballast/transformer mixed up with the Module! I called them back to cancel the new one.

Liked about it Built in over flow and sump, Skimmer and over all look.

Didn't like It comes with a top glass. I like that as I have the Module sitting on it, however, it is a bit awkward when doing re-arranging or maintenance in the tank. I have just learned to slide it to get into the sump area.

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By mrplum
Feb 25, 2011
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