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Two Little Fishies 12 Piece Aquatic Micro Airline Hose Fittings

Air Control Kits Airline Kit 12 pc by Two Little Fishies. Operate a number of air-controlled devices from a single air source

Price: $4 to $10 at 2 stores
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Great and useful little package even though you will have leftover pieces featured

Installation and Operation There really is nothing to using these fittings, just push them inside the airline and you're good.

Performance vs. Expectations This may seem like a simple little product, hardly worth a review, but from my experience, such items aren't all created equal. I've used PetCo's generic brand with little success, and Lee's (not bad) so I know some are differences.

In my freshwater tanks I always liked to have a bubble rod buried under the gravel so that the bubbles would boil up and rise to the surface. In some tanks I would have two areas of bubbles but didn't want to spend the money on two pumps. That was the first time I purchased a pack of these little goodies. It's a variety of fittings and valves as well as suction cups. The suction cups were a great addition to the package because they allowed me to keep my air line fixed which kept the tank with the clean look I intended.

I was able to split the air line with the "T" and put a valve on each air line which allowed me to control the bubble output of each zone, all with one Tetra Whisper air pump.

The package comes with more parts than you will need but I always kept them around just in case. Once I got my first marine invertebrate I was glad I did, because I was able to use one of the valves as part of a drip acclimation system and still use them today. For that application the valves may (may not) drip a little. But since they are designed for air, not water, I don't really complain about it. Using the same idea as the bubbles one can create duel drip acclimations from one source.

Handy for freshwater, handy for reefs.

Value for money These hardly cost anything and you get a package of fittings, valves, and suction cups. Sure, they're plastic, but in a marine tank that just means the salt doesn't bother them.

Customer Support I've not needed customer support, or web site support, on this product.

Liked about it 1. Good assortment in package
2. Very affordable
3. Unlike some other brands these are easier to get on and off of the airline and the valves are less likely to leak.

Didn't like 1. If you screw the valve the wrong way the knob comes out. Which, if you are using it for drip acclimation means water comes shooting out. It would be nice to just have it stop when fully extended.

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By tcamos
Jun 22, 2010
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Price: $4 to $10
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