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Sea-Lab 28 .5 lb Jar

SEA-LAB #28 Automatic Replenisher 1/2 lb. jar by . Controls water chemistry and eliminates major water quality problems with no over-dosing

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A great overall additive

Comments The debate about the effectiveness of this supplement is long and hot. Some reefers swear it works and other say it is just plain stupid. I've found that between cost and ease of use this product is a good addition proper level husbandry. Avoid just dropping the tablet in your tank and not watching your levels. Water changes and testing should always be a factor while using this.

Liked about it Drop in and it dissolves slowly adding elements easily. Cost effective, relatively.

Didn't like Promotes poor husbandry with it's "set and forget" mentality. Allows no control of single addition element adding. The notion the company reports that it dissolves according to trace element needs is propasterous. The tablet may dissolve according to total dissolved concentrates levels, but never selectively dissolving according to single trace element levels.

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By JRMedic19
Jun 08, 2011
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