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Prodibio REEF BOOSTER - 12 Vials

Prodibio Reef Booster NanoReef Booster Nano is a mix of nutritive supplements finely micronized and enriched with essential fatty acids Omega-3. It was specifically developed to grow invertebrates that feed mostly...

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Nice Little Additive

Comments I dose 2 ampules every two weeks in my 150 (185-190 total water volume) system. I used this stuff in my old tank (225g/260g twv) with great results too. It's just a way to feed your corals and clams while maintaining anaerobic bacteria on the live rock. The way I use it is: 1) lights go out, 2) turn skimmer off, 3) wait about 45mins to an hour and dose, 4) turn skimmer on in the morning. Corals really "pop" after dosing this stuff. I'm very happy with the product and plan on continue to use it until something better rears its head.

Liked about it Simplicity of use, corals really come to life after dosing, doesn't seem to hurt anything in the tank (fish/inverts-wise).

Didn't like Pricey, getting all the stuff out of the amp (I have to shake it up in the tank to get it all out), wish they'd use plastic amps because I always fear I'm going to get a glass splinter or something.

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By flipside
Feb 16, 2010
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Price: $15 to $21
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at 2 stores

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