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Kordon Aquarium NovAqua Plus Water Conditioner - 16oz Featured

NovAqua+ Plus 16 oz by Kordon. Multipurpose tap water conditioner to ease stress during acclimation or illness

Price: $6 to $21 at 4 stores
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The stress reliever

Comments This is my stress coat of choice. Over ten years of using this product i have never had a single issue and have always had good results. I have used it in fresh and salt water aquariums, but prefer to move the fish to a quarantine tank if sick before application. I dont think adding any chemical to a reef other than testable solutions is good but i dont think the product would cause an adverse effect, i just dont do it.

Liked about it It always seems to help out stressed fish, i use it alot to help out when treating tangs for ich which they always seem to get before any thing else goes wrong in the tank. I also like that the solution devolves well and doesn't seem to have any adverse side effects.

Didn't like Have no dislikes, and will continue to use this for large water changes to ease the stress and somewhat larger doses for my quarantine tanks.

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Mar 01, 2010
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Price: $6 to $21
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at 4 stores

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