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Brightwell Aquatics Lugols Solution - Advanced Iodine for Reef Aquaria...

Lugols Solution 1Oz

Price: $6 to $12 at 2 stores
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It works but use it sparingly. It is very aggresive.

Comments I have used this product on many occasions for various issues with corals. Most commonly as a dip for new corals. This product does work will on typical pests such as Nudibranches, Flatworms, Bristle worms etc. Keeping in mind that will will only kill the the live pests and not the un-hatched eggs. they only way to truly keep your tank pest free is a good QT procedure along with regular dips for pests. This products also works well to help heal injured or sick corals. Be very cautious when using this product on ill corals or freshly fragged coral. It is extremely aggressive and in some cases can do more harm than good. I use to dip a coral that was RTNing or STNing and the end result was a dead coral. After I stopped dipping ill corals their survival rate increased. But all in all it's a staple of the reefers arsenal against pests. Keep it around and use it sparingly when you see pests.

Like with all pest dips this product will also kill mini brittle stars and pods.

This product is basically super concentrated iodine. Keep away from children. full strength with skin may irritate you and rinse your corals wekk before returning back in to your tank.

This product is also used as an iodine supplement for reef aquariums. Make sure you are testing your iodine levels before beginning any dosing regimen.

This product is also very expensive. There are some newer treatments on the market that are much more inexpensive.

I selected 4 as overall satisfaction for this product I was very happy with it with a few exceptions and a 3 as would by again only because there are newer less aggressive and cheaper option available now.

There are a few brands of Lugols Solution available by different manufactures. I have tried a few of them and found that regardless of who makes it they are all the same so pick the cheaper one.

Liked about it This products works just as described as a pest treatment for corals.
It's also a very concentrated iodine supplement.
If used sparingly may also stop RTN/STN and help combat infections in soft corals.

Didn't like Is is a very strong iodine and care should be taken while using this product.
If not used correctly can easily kill a coral.
It irritated my skin when contacted.

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By ckusnierek
May 20, 2010
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Price: $6 to $12
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at 2 stores

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