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API Doc Wellfishs Aquarium Salt 65oz Featured

Freshwater Aquarium Salt 65 oz by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API. Reduces stress and improves gill functions

Price: $2 to $11 at 4 stores
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Fish Health in a milk box :-)

Comments This is a must for fresh water fish. Gold fish can tolerate anything but when you add just a bit of this salt they swimmer more happy around the tank. When I drop this in the tank all the gold fish swam around the salt as it was melting fast in the tank. To show you that they loved it and they started to eat there food better as well. All living things need salt in there system :-)

Liked about it Melts very fast. Makes my fish color glow more. Boots there eating habits.

Didn't like I love it!

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Oct 04, 2009
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Price: $2 to $11
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at 4 stores

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