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SeaChem Fusion Part 1 Featured

This is part one of the new 2 part system from SeaChem. Part 1 is calcium and the part 2 is PH and alkalinity. This is a liquid supplement.

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New from Seachem

Comments I have been using this 2 part system for almost a month now on my reef tank. I had been using the Reef Advantage Calcium. With the powdered calcium, my levels were between 430 and 460 and after switching and using the dosage listed on the bottle, my calcium has dropped to 380, but my PH and alk seem to be fine with the second part. I have increased my dosage this last week to double what I was doing (it says not to exceed 4x the rec dose). This has raised calcium back up to around 430 again.

Liked about it this product is easy to dose since it is liquid, this allows you to add it straight to the tank without having to premix it in water. I like that I can does everyday so I don't have to remember which days I did or did not dose. I like that there is flexability in the dosages recommended since every tank is different.

Didn't like Like all 2 part systems, you have to do part 1 and part 2 at least 30 min apart or they will combine and for white bond of solid bond. You also have to make sure you put it on opposite sides of the tank to avoid bonding as well. I also didn't like that the recommended dose wasn't enough for my tank. I notice my coraline algae starting to bleach out, but it has started to regrow.

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By andbob25
Apr 02, 2010
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