Monday, 19 April 2010 10:19 Top 5 Earth Day Actions For Our Marine World
Written by Ava

Can you believe this April 22 is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day? I couldn't believe it either!

What can I believe? The Nature Conservancy's attempts to educate the world about making a difference for marine life and the oceans.  I can believe it because this leading organization always impresses me year after year with their ways to make the world a better place, especially where it concerns our marine world.

This year is no different.  

Our favorite conservation organization has come up with their Top 5 Earth Day Actions and the list certainly doesn't disappoint.  

The list includes:

Use Reusable Bags 

Did you know plastic is damaging to the ocean? Reusing shopping bags instead of pape ones can help save them! Find out how they do and how you can play a big part in saving our bodies of water and get a cool, new Nature Conservancy tote.To find out how, go here.

Eat Sustainably

Ironically, we eat fish all the time even when we don't realize it.  The Nature Conservancy says 36% of the world's fisheries catch is used to feed farm animals. Yet, even the world's top chefs are working together to sustain our seafood while still living off our oceans and water.  Learn how they do it, here.

Green Your Garden

Make sure you're careful with your pesticides and fertilizers when gardening in your backyard.  Most of their chemicals are washed into watersheds and eventually to the sea, where they can harm marine life and coral. Here are some ideas from NC on how you can continue gardening, but keep this from happening.  Go here.

Adopt a Coral Reef

The Nature Conservancy gives you the opportunity to adopt a coral reef in the Bahamas! By giving to their Adopt a Coral Reef program, you will be helping the organization protect and restore one of our most threatened regions and get a few great gifts along the way.  Learn how you can adopt a coral reef, by going here.  

See Oceans, Save Oceans

Just going to see a great movie can give you the chance to help the world! See Oceans from 4/22 to 4/28 and a portion of all ticket sales benefits The Nature Conservancy's work on coral reefs.  And here I was going to see the movie anyway! Find out how you the NC helps by going here.

Bonus: This Earth Day, the Nature Conservancy is asking you all to get the word out on Facebook and Twitter!

Celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary and make the world a better place! 

Special thanks to Midori Matsuyama and The Nature Conservancy for all this great and useful information!

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