Tuesday, 01 May 2012 00:00 The Ocean Hero
Written by Ava

It's all for the birds.

That's what International Bird Rescue Research Center director Jay Holcomb believes about the continued rescue efforts to care and conserve for wildlife caught in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  He is leading IBRRC's current bird rescue efforts in the Gulf.  

These efforts must really be something! After all, he's won Oceana's Ocean Hero award for them. 

So how did his bird rescue efforts also turn into ocean conservation? Well, he told the Oceana organization that he lived in San Francisco and went to the ocean a lot. He began helping many animals who lived in and depended on the ocean and was always drawn to it.   So we're guessing it was there all along and needed to be tapped into. 

Jay told Oceana that it's ironic, but poignant that he won the award in the midst of what is looking to be the greatest oil spill disaster of all time and is polluting the ocean and ecosystems.  .

Oceana's annual Ocean Heroes contest began in March and the public was invited to submit nominations.  Finalists were selected by Oceana experts and the public was invited to select the winners.

We received this great video courtesy of Alexa from the Oceans 4Ever blog.  Alexa is also doing some amazing projects and donating their earnings to the IBRRC.  Amazing! More on that in the next post...

The video is about the efforts of the IBRRC and what might happen to these birds.  It features Jay. 

We'd love to share it with you! 

You can view it by clicking on the link here.


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