Wednesday, 02 May 2012 00:00 Persian Gulf Coral Preservation Activity
Written by Ava

A Close Encounter with a 15-Foot Shark

In short- an interesting dive with a friend from OLC on the Gulf, which resulted in an encounter with a 15-foot shark. The good news is that we had an encounter with a 15-foot shark in the Persian Gulf. The bad news is that no one was able to document it. Shame on us!

The short yet sweet encounter with the 15-foot shark happened during a dawn diving and cleaning session that we had as part of our coral preservation activity in the Persian Gulf area. The activity started with an overnight camping where the group chatted and downed a few beers.

The plan was to go deep diving in the coral reefs during the earliest part of the day to find trashes and remove objects and items that may damage the reefs. By mid-morning the group will do a coastal clean-up before heading back home.

The plan went well. After a few beers and the bonfire dimming, we set ourselves to bed to prepare for the next day’s activity.


Early Dawn Preparation

By 3AM, most of the girls were already awake. I, too, was already up but want to stay in the tent for a little more time. I grabbed my iPhone then proceeded to Online Casino Arabic to try making money online. Aside from my love to dive, gambling and card games such as poker and black-jack are one of my favourite past times. When I am not able to get to a physical casino, playing an accessible casino online is my next choice.

After winning a few hundred dollars, I went out of the tent to prepare for the early dive. I prepared my diving kit – the usual mask fins snorkel, diving boots, wet suits and the weights. As the waters may still be dark, I brought with me an underwater torch light and a tank marker light. I felt lazy and decided not to bring my camera for this specific dive.

All is set. We are ready to dive.

The Underwater Dive and the “Encounter”

The dive was all normal. The familiar feeling of serenity bought about by the beautiful view of a night dive was expectedly there. I am now questioning my decision of leaving the underwater camera on my tent. The serenity broke when we noticed that a big shark was near us.

The shark was somewhat caught by threads of waste nylon on one of the larger corals. By the looks of it, and the size of the creature, the shark should be able to easily clear himself from the nylon but it seems that the animal was moving gently until it got free. It seems as if it was trying its best not to damage the coral – or I am just assuming some sweet things.

The shark faced our direction before swimming to the opposite side of the ocean. It was one of my best encounters.  It also reminded me of the importance of our activity. Our activity was not mere cleaning. We were saving marine lives!

The coastal clean-up followed then we headed back home. We decided to do a small celebration at my house. I asked my wife to prepare foods for the whole group. Foods, drinks, and laughter filled my lovely home. We were proud of what we are doing.

I whispered to my wife saying that the activity may have bought in good karma and that I should try my luck and play few poker games online at Online Casino Arabic. She smiled and put on a fist. I guess I would have to put off gambling and making money online in the next days.


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