Monday, 29 December 2008 09:03 Marine Life Discoveries
Written by Tsun-Thai Chai

Let us take a journey with blogger Tsun-Thai Chai, who constantly discovers the world of marine life in his own backyard of Perth Australia, then tells the world of his findings on Chai's Marine Life Blog.  


If I had to tell you one thing that I have discovered in the past twelve months or so that has brought so much fun into my life, that would be the joy of observing marine life.

I live in Perth, which enjoys more days of full sunshine than any other Australian capital cities. There are a few really nice beaches around Perth. But the one that is very special to me is the Cottesloe Beach. My visits to this beach have got me interested in marine life!  Who wouldn’t – when you just keep bumping into something interesting on the shore and underwater!

Such exciting moments on the shore and underwater are what got me started in my marine life blog, my investing in camera gear to document what I find, and my spending money on snorkeling vacations, references and guidebooks. And soon, I also found myself start talking to marine biologists and other naturalists.

The Cottesloe beach is within the Cottesloe Reef Fish Habitat Protection Area. There is a limestone reef ecosystem that extends about 4.5 km along the coast and extends seawards for about 1 km or so. The shore can be divided into the main beach, North Cottesloe beach and South Cottesloe beach – the one that I keep writing about in my blog.

I have been visiting the South Cottesloe beach for a year or so now. When the water conditions are good, I snorkel; when I can’t snorkel, I will be beachcombing. South Cottesloe is special to me because I still find marine creatures that I haven’t seen before even after so many visits. That’s what keeps me going back to South Cottesloe. And there’s also a sense of adventure and/or surprise in it as you will really not know what you will find every time you head down to South Cottesloe!
Well, enough said for now, below are some of my favorite beachcombing finds and underwater encounters at South Cottesloe:

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