Marine Energy
EMEC: The One and Only
Written by Ava
Did you know there's only one wave and tide power test facility in all of Europe?

Yep, it's true.  The European Marine Energy Centre is the only place in the entire European continent that will prototypes of renewable marine energy devices. 

The Reef Tank wanted to find out all about this amazing feat and had the chance to chat with Eileen Linklater, client relationship and marketing manager for the large scale facility, who has the responsibility of monitoring and managing contracts with developers and ensuring all goals are met. She also deals with public relations and marketing enquiries.

Yes, there's more.  Eileen is also the first person of contact for all prospective developers and visitors to EMEC.  

With all that going on, Eileen still managed to find time to answers our questions all about the Centre. 

Marine Energy Mission
Written by Ava

Margot Gerritsen, a faculty member in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford, admits that the population of the world is increasing at alarming rates and with that an ever increasing hunger of energy. Unfortunately, she believes that an awareness of energy issues, such as conservation,  in the public is severely lacking.  

With the creation of Smart Energy, she hopes to combat this problem by discussing new ideas and technologies from renewable sources like wind, solar, and tidal energy with the world's best scientists, engineers and policy makers, as well as the general media, and in turn, educating the public with her findings, data, and research.

It's obvious she's well on her way, and doing her great job! The Reef Tank hopes to take part.  We had the opportunity to ask Margot about her mission and how marine energy factors into it all.