Thursday, 06 August 2009 10:17 Deep Sea Disco
Written by Ava

Discoblog is Discover magazine’s compendium of quirky, funny, and surprising science news from the edge of the known universe.  In an effort to promote marine news in a new unconventional style (and a fun one to boot), we’ve asked the writers of Discoblog, Discover’s deputy web editor Melissa Lafsky and Allison Bond , to come up with their own lineup of entertaining and enjoyable marine news, along with a few of their own past marine news blog pieces. 

Here’s what Allison ever so cleverly came up with.

  • False alarm! It’s now safe to go in the water: Turns out those supposedly “man-eating” jumbo Humboldt squid aren’t so predatory after all. In fact, a bright light is often enough to scare them away. [Science News Examiner]
  • A day at the beach can wreak havoc on the skin, but a new skin lotion promises that its “special protective marine ingredients extracted through a complex aquaculture process” will repair and protect skin.[Sybarites]
  • “The Cove,” a documentary that reveals dolphin slaughter in Japan, has caused waves worldwide. Good thing, too; to make the film, crew members risked arrest or worse to get the footage. [The Cove] [LA Times]
  • Idyllic summer retreat it isn’t, but the gigantic blob of discarded plastic in the Pacific Ocean, known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, will get some visitors this summer. Research crews are taking two expeditions to the site to learn more about the ecological impact of the patch, which is twice as large as Texas. [National Geographic] --Allison Bond

And for their own blend of quirky marine news coverage, check out Discoblog--where you'll find posts like:

The Identification of the Previously Unidentified Blob 

Dozens of Giant Squid Wash Up on California Beach 

Will a Sunken Navy Ship Be The Next (or Only) Great Coral Reef

I'm pretty psyched to read these--aren't you? Thanks Allison!

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