Aquascaping/Plant Tanks
Aquascaping a Reef Aquarium
Written by Andrew

When planning a reef aquarium, it may help to look at some planted tanks. I know, it must sound a bit strange since they are completely different worlds, but there is one thing that they both require to be visually appealing: a basic understanding of aesthetics. Planted aquariums have benefited greatly from both the Dutch style and Nature Aquarium (or Japanese) style of aquascaping, and the guidelines for creating a visually stunning planted aquarium can be translated to a reef aquarium to achieve the same effects.

First, it's important to decide what will be your focal point. There should be only one focal point, unless the tank is very large. The focal point acts as an anchor for the viewer's gaze and a comfortable starting point. It should immediately draw a viewer's attention. Therefore, using brightly colored corals or a bold piece of live rock or even a creative negative space would work well.

Jnicho's Aquascaping 101 on Guitarfish
Written by Ava

Like Kris from Guitarfish, The Reef Tank member Jnicho also knows what he's talking about when it comes to aquascaping.  He's been keeping aquariums for 25 years and now maintains a nicely aquascaped reef tank.  Learn more about Jnicho and read Jnicho's easy-to-use ideas on Aquascaping 101 (perfect for newbies like me!) While you're at it, peruse the site.  It's hands-down the best planted aquarium blog I've seen yet and Kris's photos are magnificent!

Need A Change of Pace? Plant Away!
Written by Kris Weinhold

And now for something different.  Planted aquarium life expert Kris Weinhold has kindly offered to guest post for The Reef tank blog.  Kris maintains the planted aquarium and nature-oriented website, He is also president of the Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

I’ve heard the story a number of times; you’ve invested thousands of dollars into the perfect reef setup, had it running for a couple of years, and then one day a heater or pump fails while you were on vacation, and the whole system crashes. The thought of starting over from small frags is too painful, and you put your whole setup on Craig’s List.